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RUF Briquetting Systems

Ruf is located in Zaisertshofen near Munich in Germany. For more than 30 years we develop and produce briquetting systems. When using a RUF briquetting system you simplify chip handling and increase your production efficiency. Our hydraulic plants press aluminium chips into compact briquettes. In doing this they typically work with a specific pressure of up to 3,000 kg/cm². The advantages of briquetting metal chips and metal dust are numerous: - Reducing the volume (more space, easier handling, less transport) - Recovery of pressed-out cooling lubricants - briquettes mean defined scrap with a fixed residual humidity and often result in a higher value, compared to loose chips - Advantages for the smelting process RUF offers a suitable briquetting system for all types of application. In particular, and with reference to briquetting aluminium, there are already over 800 RUF presses working worldwide, being equivalent to an annual capacity of 1 million tons of aluminium briquettes.

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  • RUF Briquetting System for Metal Chips

    For throughput rates between 30 and 4,800 kg/hr. Depending on the need, our briquette systems are equipped with hydraulic motors between 4 and 90 kW....

  • RUF Briquetting System for Grinding...

    For throughput rates between 40 and 350 kg/hr. Depending on the need, our briquette presses for sludge are equipped with hydraulic motors between 4 a...





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