Conference and Seminar

Explore Cutting-Edge Industry Technologies with a Focus on Automotive Light-Weight Solutions

Conference and Seminar

Development Forum on Connection Technologies for Lightweight Vehicle Structures

Date and Time:At 13:30 on July 19th 2017
Venue:W3 Conference Area, Hall W3
Target Participants:Local and international auto components and complete vehicle-companies, research centers, materials, processes, technologies and more.

Topic: Speaker:
◆Fusion Welding and Friction Stir Welding for Aluminium and Steel ◆Dong Honggang, China Welding Institution, Computer Applications Technology Committee & Vice President, School of Material Science and Engineering, Dalian University of Technology
◆Self-Piercing Riveting Processes for Lightweight Bodies ◆Wu Zhongtai, Manager, Bollhoff Fastener Co., Ltd.
◆Friction (Spot) Stir Welding Technology and its Application in Lightweight Vehicle Structures ◆Luan Guohong, Director, China FSW Center
◆Application of Laser Welding Technologies in the Automotive Industry ◆Yang Shanglu, Senior Researcher of GM China Science Lab
◆Application of Connection Technologies in Lightweight Aluminium Wheels ◆Zhang Xinying, President, China Aluminium wheel Quality Institute
◆Wiring Diagrams for Lightweight Structures of Energy-saving Vehicles, New Energy Vehicles and Demand to Aluminium Alloy ◆Wang Ligang, Lightweight Research Department, Society of Automotive Engineers of China

Car Wheel Hub and Forging Display Zone

Date:July 19 - 21, 2017
Venue:Forged Part Exhibition Zone in Hall W3
Activity Highlights:
◆Inviting China Association of Automobile Manufactures to exhibit the forged auto parts with the advanced process and technology and the frontier application of aluminium parts in transportation field, and to share the achievements.

Deep Processing Display Zone

Date:July 19 - 21, 2017
Venue:Deep Processing Display Zone in Hall W3
Activity Highlights:
◆Exhibiting original, advanced deep processing products.
◆Companies engaged in the fields of transportation and electronics will be heavily featured, together with companies that engage in aluminium for general aviation and engineering.
◆During the forum, innovations and breakthroughs brought about by advanced processes, as well as advanced processing technologies, will be explored.

Exhibition Area for Aluminium Package

Date:July 19 - 21, 2017
Venue: Aluminium Packaging Exhibition Zone in Hall W1
Activity Highlights:
◆Winning products from the European Aluminium Foil Innovation Award and top Chinese aluminium packaging products will be on display, highlighting local and international advanced packaging and processing technologies.
◆The nomination round for Chinese Aluminium Foil Package Innovation of the Year will be launched here.

Forum on Aluminium Deep Processing

Date:At 9:05 on July 20, 2017
Venue:W3 Conference Area, Hall W3
Target Participants:Senior executives from local and international aluminium processing companies, as well as overseas aluminium sales agents.

Topic: Speaker:
◆Innovation with Aluminium for the Multi-material Lightweight Design ◆Dr.-Ing. Claus G. Bayreuther, AMC GmbH
◆The Road Ahead - Automotive Materials ◆Ducker Worldwide, Managing Director Automotive & Materials, Abey K. Abraham
◆Research, Development and Application of Aluminium in C80 Coal Hopper Trucks ◆Liu Qitai, Director, Research & Development Center, Baotou Beifang Chuangye Co., Ltd.
◆Application of Hot Stamping of Aluminium Alloy in Automotive Industry ◆Zhu Dongke, General Manager, Hefei Laiwei Material Technology Co., Ltd.
◆Application of Highly Processed Aluminium Products in Smartphones ◆Zhao Yongjun, Deputy General Manager, Kunshan Qianxun Metal Co., Ltd.
◆Developments in Application of Aluminium Alloy Materials in Aircraft ◆Hu Yanping, Senior Engineer, China Aviation Industry Development Research Center

Appearance and Application of Aluminium Alloy in Consumer Electronics

Date and Time:At 13:30 on July 20th, 2017
Venue:W3 Conference Area, Hall W3
Target Participants:End-user consumer electronics and machining companies,materials,processes,technologies and more.

Topic: Speaker:
◆Application of Aluminium in Communication Products ◆Li Zhimin, R&D Process Manager, Meizu Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.
◆Application of Anodizing Processes to Aluminium, Introduction to Metal and Metallic Plastics Processes ◆Chen Gang, Special Assistant to the General Manager, Baiquan Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
◆Application of Appearance Item in High-Strength Aluminiumm ◆Guo Qiang, Senior Director, Metal Institute of BYD Central Research Institute
◆Innovative Application of Aluminum Alloy Profiles in Tablet Devices ◆Sun Kai, CMF Director, TCL
◆Application of Special Forming Processes in Aluminium ◆Yu Qianjun, Li He Experimental Workshop and Cultural Originality (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.


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