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03-05 July 2024
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ROTOMAC, IMS TECHNOLOGIES excellence in the packaging industry

Rotomac is the brand through which IMS TECHNOLOGIES has been successfully operating since 2008. The fields of interest are design, construction and sale of machines as well as plants for the production of aluminium foil, plastic film and baking paper rolls mainly for food and domestic use.

Rotomac offers its customers both single machines - rewinders or wrapping and packaging machines (cartoning machines and case packers) - and complete turnkey plants, as well as numerous accessories.

Out of this range, the rewinding machines are undoubtedly the main protagonists of Rotomac’s success. In fact, nowadays the market labels an entire category of machines as Rotomac, even those made by other manufacturers.

The production of Rotomac machinery integrates perfectly with the other components from the IMS TECHNOLOGIES range. In fact, Rotomac rewinders slit the material transversally, completing the downstream production chain of slitter rewinders that IMS TECHNOLOGIES already manages upstream with its GOEBEL IMS and LAEM IMS brands.

Rotomac rewinders fall into two main categories:

• machines that work at constant speed. By keeping the unwinding speed unchanged, they guarantee very high productivity. They do not stop for core change and unloading of the finished roll, which is fully automated. They achieve productivity of up to 48 pieces/minute and unwinding speeds of up to 1000 m/min;

• machines that work at variable speed. They stop when the unwinding cycle of a roll is completed and resume the processing cycle after unloading the finished roll and loading a new core. These are more economical machines that find their main field of application in cases where the length of the finished rolls is sufficient to compensate for the downtime required to unload the roll. Rolls from 200 m upwards. With these machines very high unwinding speeds are reached - up to 1500 m/min - against the loss of efficiency that occurs during the unloading phases.

Today, Rotomac’s share of the market for rewinding machines is so large that the name is associated with an entire technological category.

ROTOMAC’s solutions are top of the range: products that, compared to those of the competition, deliver significantly better performance. Reliability and productivity are the standards that have become the benchmark for all competitors and for the industry.

Then there is innovation. In over forty years of business, ROTOMAC has set many milestones by bringing innovation to its machines, but also to the finished product. It has always invested considerable economic resources and time in research and development to open up new technological horizons in order to bring value to its customers’ production.

The patent for the so-called “curl” dates back to the 1990s, which is a kind of cord used to identify the opening flap of plastic film rolls. Then came the registered trademarks MyFoil and MyPaper, which identify the respective technologies for customising products. Embossing, i.e. the reproduction of designs, motifs or logos on aluminium foil rolls, has also enabled ROTOMAC to gain important international recognition. This is thanks to the infinite potential for personalising the material and the quality of the finished product, which can be seen in the smallest details and nuances.

And other brand news patents will soon come.

In addition to the product, an increasingly excellent service thanks to group synergies

Another strong point has always been the quality of service. The close relationship with customers is reflected in a service that not only provides after-sales support, but also follows the customer during the design phase. Rotomac guides its customers in finding the best possible production solution: this exchange has generated a constant growth in know-how, not only in terms of the machine, but also from the point of view of the finished product.

The quality of the machines and the service are the real driving force behind customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

In addition, the capital invested by the Group in the development of remote assistance activities adds quality to a service that Rotomac customers have always relied on