aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Arck Sensor - Welcome to visit us at booth 1J23


Arck Sensor is a French company specialized in optical measurement in harsh industrialenvironment.

Its robust and accurate industrial sensors offer control and measurement solutions dedicated to heavy industries.

Three core businesses are concerned: crane automation and operation safety at container terminals, automation of lifting equipments and workshop safety in heavy industries and automatic on line inspection of flat-rolled metal products.

In recent decades, rolling industries have been introducing process and quality control equipments to achieve even higher product quality along with higher productivity.To remain competitive, the demand is to roll wider, faster with improved level of quality.With such requirements dictated by the products, very sophisticated and effective processcontrol technologies have been developed to meet the end requirements of the rolled semis.

Offering accurate automatic on-line inspection equipments to certify your manufacturing of flat rolled products is in our core businesses and ARCK SENSOR is continually finding ways to improve its advanced technologies.

Flat-rolled products can be foil, strip and plate, these generally are delimited by thickness.Since pinhole is associated with package safety, its size and number is an important scale to measure production quality.

Our pinhole detector of the latest generation CEPHEE®V is a cutting-edge detector able to analyse 100% of the strip at a high speed. The pinhole is detected, classified by size and positioned in X, Y along the strip.

For the very thinnest gauges (6-70μm), the foil is doubled to avoid breakage because of the extreme thinness in the cold rolling mill, then rolled to the desired gauge and separated into large reels; to be later slitted to required widths.

CEPHEE®AS is an automatic detector especially designed for double-rolled foils, testing 100% of the two foils at the exit of the separator.