05-07 July 2023
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SMM expects China’s aluminium plate/sheet and strip output will mark a 2% Y-o-Y growth at 2022-end

According to the Shanghai Metals Market (SMM), China’s aluminium plate/sheet and strip output is expected to amount to 12.9 million tonnes at the end of 2022, reflecting an increase of 2% over the year. Aluminium foil output is estimated to clock at 4.75 million tonnes at year-end, up 3% year-on-year.

The output of can body stock, can end stock and packaging foil is estimated to close the year at 1.88 million tonnes, 500,000 tonnes, and 2.4 million tonnes, respectively. On a year-on-year basis, the output of can body stock and can end stock will record an 11% hike, while packaging foil will reflect a 4% growth. SMM estimates robust demand for aluminium plate/sheet and strip for food packaging will drive the growth of the aluminium flat rolled industry.

The output of auto body sheet is projected to elevate by 23% Y-o-Y to 432,000 tonnes and that of auto breezing sheet by 13% to 788,000 tonnes, bolstered by the rapid development of the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry and general trend of lightweight cars. The production of battery foil is likely to soar 111% to 270,000 tonnes over the year.

Meanwhile, some products indicate degrowth at the end of the year for different reasons. The output of air-conditioner foil is expected to decline by 14% from last year to close at 860,000 tonnes. Light gauge foil and electronics foils production is foreseen to drop by 17% to 705,000 tonnes and 11% to 98,000 tonnes, respectively.