aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Aluminium play an important role on mobile phone production



Nowadays, mobile phone is becoming a necessity for working people. Everyone has a phone and someone even have two or more. But what does the fuselage cover made of? No one knows. In the world's three major mobile phone production groups (Apple USA, South Korea Samsung, China, Huawei). They use Titanium or Magnesium to produce the fuselage cover. The Ti fuselage cover is bright and it has good strength in bending resistance. However, it’s very expensive. It's 66.7% higher than Al. Magnesium is 36% lighter than Aluminum and it has silver color. But it’s weaker than Aluminum. The resistance to corrosion is worse too. Therefore, Aluminum is currently the best-integrated performance, the most cost-effective smartphone body material, and its recyclability and recyclability are also better than titanium or magnesium.

In current and future, cell phone lightness is an unstopped trend. China’s aluminum processing equipment contains all the corresponding conditions. Aluminum in the fuselage cover have a broad space for development.