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03-05 July 2024
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IAI launches Aluminium Forward 2030 with aluminium industry leaders

On March 27, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) announced the initiation of Aluminium Forward 2030, a conglomeration between IAI's 25 production members and 20 downstream customer brands who have devoted all their expertise to modernising the aluminium industry.

The goal of  Aluminium Forward 2030 is to encourage a rapid transition toward Net Zero by following a course in adherence with other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This newly introduced IAI programme encompasses multiple brands in the electrical, transport, automotive, construction and aluminium packaging sectors, underlining that partnerships can easily eliminate impossible hurdles in the aluminium chain. The IAI plans to extend its partnership avenues in the beverage can sector, strengthening the existing ties with its accomplices in order to induce a circular economy.

The aluminium industry has become extremely vigilant in countering uneven climate change and curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. But to achieve Net Zero, there must be a systematic adoption of the universal sustainability paradigms, and it is one of the major reasons why the Aluminium Forward 2023 coalition was formed.

Some of the big players in the aluminium sector have already registered against the Aluminium Forward 2030 team, like, Jaguar Land Rover, cable makers Nexans, aluminium innovation head Gränges, and aluminium packaging providers Ball, Crown Holdings and Ardagh Metal Packaging. The conglomeration focuses on securing and enhancing the material value of aluminium through all of its glorious applications. This will also open a learning portal for members so that the internal aluminium industry is strongly connected.

Nexans Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Vincent Dessale, exclaimed: "In the fight against climate change, it is essential that our industries come together to share insights and best practices – the tools, technologies and approaches that are going to make a real difference. This is why we have decided to join Aluminium Forward 2030. At Nexans, we take steps to use as much low-carbon aluminium as possible in our product manufacturing. In addition, through our recycling solutions, the Group recovers all types of end-of-life aluminium and copper cables, thus making a positive contribution to the environment. Our customers and partners can also benefit from this cable waste recovery service. Through this coalition, we are keen to participate and collaborate with others to find out how we can continue to make progress."

The Global Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Ball Corporation, Ramon Arratia, observed: "Aluminium has great short and medium-term decarbonisation potential with circularity and other levers. We look forward to working with the IAI and the Aluminium Forward 2030 coalition to accelerate the decarbonisation of our sector by collaborating with the full value chain."

The insight of each coalition member is equally important and is to be shared with the other members of the Group so that the experience from one operational unit can act as a perfectly planned prelude to some other industrial activity in the long run.

The VP of Global Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings, John Rost, commented: "The future of our planet requires us to be active participants in making change. We cannot be bystanders. For this reason, we are proud to be a part of Aluminium Forward 2030. Sustainability is a focus of everything we do. In our own organisation, we are advancing our Twentyby30 sustainability program by utilising more renewable electricity solutions and reducing our energy consumption, as well as driving toward ambitious recycling rate targets to reduce material and resource waste. It is only through the sharing of strategies that we can do our best to minimise our carbon footprint and fight against climate change."

The conglomeration has been formed, keeping the automotive, transportation, construction, consumer goods, cables and packaging solution sectors in mind. The IAI programme will indefinitely aid the entire aluminium value chain, starting from the downstream to the end-user segment.

SVP of Sustainability at Gränges, Sofia Hedevåg, exemplified: "Gränges is committed to creating circular and sustainable aluminium solutions and decarbonising our industry. Strong partnerships and collaboration will be essential for reaching net zero emissions and, ultimately, for a sustainable future. It's essential that our industry comes together to share insights and best practices and help solve real challenges that are going to make a real difference. This is why we have decided to join Aluminium Forward 2030."

IAI Secretary General Miles Prosser made the statement: "The world is confronting a climate crisis, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become a priority for nations and businesses. But the race to net zero carbon is multifaceted and needs to equally embrace other global sustainability challenges, including social inequalities, biodiversity loss, circularity, and access to fresh water. The IAI recognises that net zero carbon must also deliver on other sustainability issues".

The International Aluminium Institute has joined hands with FAST FORWARD ZERO to lend out strategic guidance and allow a greater representation of the aluminium-consuming segments.

The CEO and founder of FAST FORWARD ZERO, Jerome Lucaes, explained: "With the ALUMINIUM FORWARD 2030 coalition, the industry will accelerate its transformation toward a net zero carbon, inclusive and circular reality."