aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

The advantages of Aluminum alloy



Nowadays, the United States, Japan, Germany are the largest aluminum-consume-use countries in the Automobile manufacturing industry. Taking the car industry for example, German Volkswagen AudiA8, A2, Japan NXS and other car body using aluminum volume up to 80%.

For China, Shanghai Santana Automobile, FAW Audi and Jetta (both of them adopt the production line) use the aluminum alloy. The red flag car use large aluminum volume into production. It’s about 80 ~ 100kg.

Data show that aluminum alloy structure can take place of the traditional steel structure. It reduces the quality of the car 30% to 40%. The manufacturing engine can be reduced the weight of 30%, and the manufacturing wheels can be reduced by 50%. Adopting the aluminum alloy is not only a good way to reduce the weight of the car but also an important way to protect the environment, save energy and make the transport more quickly and efficiently.