aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

The development of Aluminum alloy in automotive sector of China



Aluminum alloy has high recyclability, low density, strong plasticity, corrosion resistance and other advantages, previously used in aircraft manufacturing. Nowadays auto companies bring aluminum alloy into automobile manufacturing Due to reduce industrial carbon emissions.

Statistics show that every kilogram reduction in vehicle weight, the car will reduce 17 kilograms carbon emissions over the life of the vehicle. Although, variety of lightweight materials, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and other materials can reduce body weight well, the cost is too expensive, the average consumer unbearable. The aluminum alloy is both light weight, strong structure and the has advantage in price.

The use of aluminum alloy in the vehicle body is extremely good, it is strong enough. Its solidity over the steel body models. Its superior plasticity and plastic into a variety of shapes, play an important role in a variety of designs. In addition, it is completely recyclable, which makes a positive contribution to the sustainable development of enterprises and society.

China is vigorously promoting new energy sources now, for the new energy electric vehicles, the importance thing is reducing their own weight. We believe in development of lightweight cars, the application of aluminum will certainly be more extensive.