aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Explore Cutting-Edge Industry Technologies with a Focus on Automotive Light-Weight Solutions


Aluminium China 2017 will present a tremendous opportunity to brainstorm solutions that will drive development in the 'new normal'. Join us for an energetic in-depth exchange on key issues related to industry upgrades and business expansion into new areas.

Aluminium Downstream Processing Forum
– Innovative Aluminium Technologies and Applications in Transportation and Consumer Electronics

•Leading international auto makers, as well as aerospace companies will share international best practices and the latest information via this lively exchange platform that connects upstream and downstream players
•Aerospace aluminium, a new topic at the Forum, will help the industry explore future deep processing trends
•Focused on transportation and consumer electronics aluminium that affects future trends and industry standards
•A look at how to help aluminium companies transition to deep processing, starting with end user needs

Aluminium Downstream Processing Products Display Area
– Showcasing Aluminium Deep Processing in Transportation and Consumer Electronics

•Focused on transportation, consumer electronics, aerospace aluminium use as well as cast and forge pieces
•Focused on processes, particularly those at the cutting-edge of the industry

Upgraded – Lean Management Summit Forum

•Leading domestic and international companies will share management best practices in work safety, energy efficiency, and cost control
•Guidance for companies to reduce waste, smooth out operations, standardize enforcement and control quality, in an effort to do more with less

Automotive Light -weight Core Technology Seminar

•Industry experts, auto makers, and auto parts providers will gather to explore aluminium materials and applications in the auto industry, particularly aluminium cast and forge pieces, as well as welding and processing technologies and breakthroughs
•This will focus on aluminium alloy welding and forging, with leading auto makers home and abroad sharing key insights that guide industry colleagues and parts makers for future development direction

Aluminium Alloy in Consumer Electronics – Form Factors and Applications

•Based on the White Paper for Consumer Electronics Aluminium, leading electronics materials experts, consumer electronics companies and processing players will explore cutting-edge processing technologies in consumer electronics, with a focus on case studies, thus helping players to effectively promote industry upgrades and optimize procurement practices.
•Aluminium alloy use in consumer electronics will also be thoroughly examined, particularly form factors, surface processing, consumables, and other hot topics, to provide guidance for companies during the transition, upgrade, and expansion of deep processing practices.

Themed Display Area
- Integrated Solutions for Aluminium Products: Materials and Technologies

◆ Aluminium Downstream Processing Products Display Area
◆ Automotive Light-weight Zone (new) ◆ Aluminium Packaging Area
◆ Aluminium Extrusion Products Area ◆ Aluminium Extrusion Machinery & Technology Area
◆ Aluminium Flat Rolled Product Area ◆ Aluminium Flat Rolled Machinery & Technology Area
◆ Surface Treatment Pavilion ◆ Industrial Environment Pavilion ◆ Auto Forging Parts Display Area

Business Invitation Service System
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