aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Revolution in the battery industry- Aluminium-ion battery perfectly replacing lithium battery, ushering in the spring of new energy vehicles

Since the advent of new energy vehicles, there has been no big splash. Compared with green and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles, most people will still buy fuel vehicles that are more cost-effective. In the final analysis, it is because today's new energy batteries are not perfect.


We all know that the chemical properties of aluminium are very active, and the distribution is very common. If aluminium can be used to make batteries, it can not only solve the various defects of lithium batteries, but also very likely to shake the status of traditional automobiles. The principle of aluminium-ion batteries is also very easy to understand, that is, electricity is generated through the interaction between oxygen in the air and aluminium. However, it is easier said than done, and because of this, aluminium batteries have always been regarded as a conjecture, and it has not make much difference.


However, just recently, a company from India has made a new breakthrough. They have developed an aluminium-ion solid-state battery, hereinafter referred to as aluminium-ion battery. According to relevant news, the various performances of aluminium-ion batteries far exceed the current mainstream new energy batteries, and its price is also -lower. If this is the case, then the various defects of mainstream new energy batteries will be solved, and new energy vehicles may usher in their own spring.