aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Feng Haiyang, Deputy to China’s National People’s Congress, Advocating Support of the Development of Recycled Aluminium Industry

Feng Haiyan, a deputy to China's National People's Congress and chief engineer of the safety and environmental protection department of the Guangxi branch of Aluminium Corporation of China, said in an interview that she submitted a proposal to "support the development of the -recycled aluminium industry" during the two sessions this year.


Firstly, it is recommended to introduce relevant support policies and industry norms from the perspective of China's national conditions to promote the rapid and healthy development of the recycled aluminium industry.


Secondly, it is recommended to vigorously develop the green recycling industry of recycled aluminium, realize large-scale, intensive and modern production, reduce production costs and expand profit margins.


The third is to propose-specified treatment and classification guidance in the approval of energy consumption indicators, separate energy consumption indicators for renewable resource projects, speed up the completion and commissioning of renewable resource projects, and -set up a layout in advance.


Fourth, it is recommended to improve the relevant systems and standards for the recycling of recycled aluminium raw materials, establish and improve the recycling channels by category, and build a large-scale and systematic aluminium resource recycling base. It is also recommended to -establish a regional recycled aluminium processing and distribution center within China, and support Guangxi -in the first batch of pilot-projects.


Fifth, it is recommended to actively promote the "export and import" of green and low-carbon technologies and products in the -recycled aluminium industry, continue to promote international capacity cooperation, seek industrial chain integration, and jointly build a -mutually recognized mechanism for green and low-carbon products.