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03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

The electrolytic aluminium industry is expected to be included in the national carbon market by 2023

According to a joint survey by the international consulting firm ICF and Beijing Zhongchuang Carbon Investment Technology Co., Ltd., the cement, steel and electrolytic aluminium industries are relatively more fully prepared to be included in the carbon market. Respondents mostly believe that the three industries will be included in China's carbon market before 2023.


A respondent from a power generation company in Yunnan said that China's national carbon emissions trading system will affect the implementation of the company's energy plan. "During the period 2021-2025, we will gradually promote the energy transition;and from 2025-2030, we will start to promote a new round of energy transition, phasing out large carbon-emitting equipment, and shifting to clean energy development. We will complete the transformation and business development in the period from 2030-2050” the respondent said.


When asked what kind of data needs to be published to enhance market transparency, most respondents cited annual corporate emissions data, industry emissions data, allowance allocation and corporate compliance.