aluminium expo
03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center



Aluminium China brings together Electronics Manufacturers and Aluminium Processing Companies in Shanghai this July

With the rapid development of consumer electronics, with shorter life cycles and less time between upgrades, metal is increasingly replacing plastic as the shell material of choice, reducing costs and providing a lighter, slimmer and more environment friendly alternative. A look at some of the latest mobile phones in 2016 including LG's curve screen, the Sony Xperia Z6 and HTC X9, along with Chinese brands such as LeTV Max Pro, Huawei Mate 8 and Lenovo K4, they all have one feature in common, a metal shell.

Traditionally, metal shells for consumer electronics were made mainly of aluminium-magnesium alloy or stainless steel. However, with complicated processing technologies and high costs, aluminium alloy is now replacing aluminium-magnesium, offering a superior safety record and lower costs. This will be a key focus at Aluminium China in July in Shanghai, one of the biggest aluminium industry platform in the world. It will bring together electronics manufacturers and aluminium processing companies to showcase new performance standards, technologies and applications.

"With the rise of consumer electronics, we will attract aluminium processing companies and leading suppliers as part of the effort to drive the application of aluminium in the electronics industry," said Zang Xiaomeng, Senior Project Manager of Reed Exhibitions, the organizers of Aluminium China 2016. "Aluminium China attracts buyers of aluminium in the electronics industry, including shell makers of cellphones, tablets, notebooks and peripherals, as well as producers of AV, digital and other fast consumer electronics. We also host companies from the white goods and electronic component sectors. This event is truly the right place and time for ambitious industry players to gather, negotiate and conduct technical exchange.

" Based on an overview of the products on show at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the cost of metal shell models is down to approximately RMB 1,000 (USD 152) - not the steep price of flagship models. Also, aluminum alloy is replacing plastic as a greener, safer alternative and offering a sleeker look and feel that has a popular cosmetic appeal among consumers. Metal is expected to account for 38% of all shell materials in cell phones in 2016 (according to industry report).

However, industry experts also warn that the full-scale adoption of metal shells is dependent on the industry overcoming technical challenges. Currently, few Chinese cell phone makers have the solution for product form-factor design and when it comes to punching, and full CNC, an inadequate number of Chinese phone makers have the technical capabilities to meet market demand, resulting in a lack of production capacity. Aluminium China 2016 can help bridge the gap between consumer electronics makers and technology providers.


Focus on Southeast Asian Market and Aluminium Material Processing

Aluminium China 2016 will feature leading aluminium material processing companies showcasing their strengths. The event will be a platform for companies in the transportation, electronics, packaging and construction industries, as well as other areas, to exchange with aluminium industry practitioners and experts. They will explore customized processing solutions and be matched with suitable high-quality material providers.

"We will be launching Southeast Asia Country of Honour Programs, to add international visibility to the aluminium industry within these regions and allow visitors and exhibitors to explore opportunities and find solutions to challenges across Southeast Asia," added Reed's Zang Xiaomeng. "I hope Aluminium China 2016 will help expand markets and open up new applications for aluminium products. This will make the event more definitive of the industry, more international and more market-driven."

The 12th Aluminium China event will be held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from 12-14 July. Among several anticipated highlights will be aluminium materials used in electronics and transportation, as well as aluminium application and processing technologies. The event will feature close bilateral collaboration between China and India, as well as nearly 1,000 companies from several dozen countries and regions.


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