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03-05 July 2024
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“Castings Zone” of Aluminium China Offers One-stop Service Integrating Purchasing and Processing


Nowadays, “new economy” is always a hot topic of the world. On an executive meeting of the State Council, Premier Li Keqiang re-explained the concept of “new economy”, and highlighted “new energy auto” as a landmark of “new economy”. The meeting also determined the measures of continuing to support new energy auto industry and to promote green development based on structural optimization.

Lightweight of Automobiles Drives Large-scale Production of Aluminium Alloy Castings

As the development of “new energy auto” is increasingly highlighted, a faster lightweight and energy-conservation development of automobiles has been seen in the world. In recent years, castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys, as the most important factor of lightweight development of automobiles, have achieved rapid development and gradually replace iron and steel castings.
According to some statistics, currently, the castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys account for 13% to 19% of the total casting products in big casting-production countries, and the ratio is even up to 30% to 40% in some countries like Italia, while in China it is yet less than 10%.

It can be predicted that to cater to the trend of international development, there will be a growing demand on castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys year by year. To meet the demand of lightweight development of automobiles, it is inevitable that the development of castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys will tend to large scale in the future.

“Castings Zone” Settings – Aluminum China 2016 Is More Forward-looking

It is worth noting that auto application enterprises have been yet able to complete casting processing during purchasing of raw materials generally, so the costs of time and communication are always at a high level. This problem exists in many similar enterprises in their advance purchasing.

As today’s leading aluminium industry platform in China, China International Aluminium Industry Exhibition (“Aluminium China” for short) is extremely forward-looking. In response to the changes of requirements in application industry, Aluminium China 2016 innovates the “Castings Zone”, which breaks through the old exhibition pattern only focusing on materials and technologies, and increases the special platform for downstream casting processing enterprises to show their technologies and carry out cooperation. It also builds a channel between material purchasing and technological processing, enabling purchasers to lock processing enterprises easily.

“The previous exhibitions only showcased new materials , technologies and finished products of enterprises, while at this time the “Castings Zone” emerges, which fills in the blank of castings of earlier events, so that enterprises do not need to seek processing enterprises any more after purchasing on the exhibition, really implementing one-stop service from purchasing to processing,” said by the sponsor of the exhibition, who added: “We hope that the “Castings Zone” is not only oriented to purchasers, but also provides more exhibition space for the enterprises specialized in processing to enable them to cooperate proactively instead of passively waiting for orders, and to seek a bigger development space through the platform of aluminium exhibition.”

Supply-Demand Balance – Aluminium China Promotes Sustainable Development of the Industry

“Wherever there is demand, there is supply. A balance between supply and demand is a necessity for sound and healthy development of the whole industry. The new breakthrough of Aluminium China 2016 lies on that it is an forwarding-looking international exhibition platform, and builds a channel between supply and demand, making producing enterprises and application enterprises to attain sound development,” said by an expert in the industry. “We hope that the exhibition can dig out more industrial development requirements and make its contributions to the development of Chinese aluminium industry,” he added.

It is reported that the 12th Aluminium China will be held from July 12 to 14, 2016 at Shanghai International Expo Center, in which the “Castings Zone” will be designed to show the cutting-edge processes and technologies of castings of magnesium and aluminium alloys, and the exhibition will join hands with manufacturers, purchasers and processers to boost the green, healthy and sustainable development of Chinese aluminium industry.

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