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03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Aluminium China Joins Hands with the Guest of Honor India to Explore the Southeast Asian Market.



Upon the closing of the "Two Sessions", it has become a central topic that China's economy has entered the "New Normal". The Report on Government Work made by Premier Li Keqiang has set the GDP growth target of 6.5-7 percent for the year of 2016 based on a comprehensive assessment on the difficulties of future economic growth. In the past year, China only saw a GDP growth rate of 6.9%, which was the lowest over the past 25 years.

President Xi Jinping has said previously: "Nowadays, the recovery of world economy is hard and tortuous, and the Chinese economy also faces downward pressure in a certain degree. The key to resolve the issues is adherence to innovation-driven development and exploring new development approaches."

Focus on India and Other Southeast Asian Markets to Open Up a New Economic Pattern.

2016 is the beginning year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and also the practice year of "One Belt One Road" initiative, which directs Chinese enterprises to go abroad to connect with the world. Along the line of "One Belt One Road", the Southeast Asian markets are the foremost for Chinese enterprises to explore.

As the biggest country of the Southeast Asia, India has achieved remarkable development in recent years, especially in aluminum consumptions. The annual aluminum consumption of India has reached 3.50 million tons, and grew at a high rate of over 10% in the past few years. In 2014, the import of aluminium products by India was up to 1.563 million tons, accounting for about 56% of the total aluminium consumption; according to the statistics of DGCIS for eight months till the end of November 2015, Indian import of aluminium increased to 1.13 million tons, with a rate of 4.5%, which was mainly from China and GCC countries. In 2015, China's export of aluminium products was 4.1952 million tons, with year-on-year growth of 14.34%, of which more that 100 tons were delivered to India.

As there is an increasing demand on aluminum products, the quantities of aluminium processing equipment required by the Indian market are also growing year by year. An officer of India aluminium exhibition said: "With the producing capacity of India vendors expanding continuously, new enterprises' enter into the market and ever-increasing demand on high-quality products, a growing number of emerging technologies and equipment have been seen in the aluminium industry of India". Thus it can be seen India has a large demand of aluminum consumptions, which will bring about more development opportunities for Chinese aluminium production, processing and technology enterprises as well as the manufacturers of aluminium processing equipment.

In is worth nothing that even though a large amount of aluminum materials and processing equipment is exported to India each year, some enterprises still confront such development shackles as lacks of opportunities of connecting with the world, platform of communicating with potential customers, and the path of touching the policies and laws of import and export countries.
To address the issues above, a professional platform should be built for introducing more external resources to boost the development of Chinese aluminium enterprises and the aluminium industry constantly.

Analyze the India Market to Pave a Way for Chinese Enterprises to March into India.

As China’s leading aluminium industry platform nowadays, China International Aluminium Exhibition ("Aluminium China" for short) brings a new opportunity for China's aluminium enterprises.

During the upcoming Aluminium China 2016, China will join hands with the guest of honor – India to sponsor a guest meeting forum, for which some experts of Aluminum Association of India, and governmental officers and elites of various industries in India will be invited through cooperation with the platform of India aluminium exhibition. Then, it will make a deep analysis about the opportunities and challenges of the India aluminum industry market and explain Indian laws and regulations of import and export for exhibitors and audiences at home and abroad.

"Through deep cooperation with Indian aluminium exhibition industry, we would like to build a platform for the Chinese enterprises willing to carry out international cooperation and interested in the India market to make an understanding of India and experts of aluminum industry and conduct a face-to-face exchange with audiences, so as to get ready to explore the India market" said by the sponsor of the exhibition, who added: "Our exhibition is aimed at providing a showing and purchasing platform for exhibitors and audiences, and making a contribution to the development of Chinese aluminium industry through some innovations and cooperation with multiple parts."

The sponsor also said: "In addition to the forum, we will organize India experts, audiences and exhibitors to visit China's factories, for the purposes of showing the strength of Chinese aluminum industry production and processing enterprises to the Indians, and attracting potential purchasers from India, so as to build a supply-demand channel between the two parties", and added: "Building an up-close communication platform for Chinese exhibitors and Indian experts is the first step to let Chinese aluminium enterprises go abroad. In the future, we will make cooperation with more Southeast Asian countries to deliver a wider development space and exchange platform for Chinese aluminium enterprises".

Where there is demand, there is market. Aluminium China opens up a way for Chinese enterprises to enter into the India market, and offers a professional consulting platform. Aluminium China, which has been held for 11 times, will usher in its next one from July 12 to 14, 2016 at Shanghai International Expo Center, with a desire of creating more opportunities for the development of Chinese aluminium industry based on the cooperation between China and India.

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