05-07 July 2023
Shanghai New International Expo Center

The rapid development of photovoltaic industry has become a new growth point of aluminium demand

In 2021, China's photovoltaic installed capacity grew lower than expected, and the output maintained rapid growth. According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, limited by silicon wafer shortage and price increase, China's new installed photovoltaic capacity in 2021 was 53GWh, up 10% year on year, lower than previous expectations; photovoltaic module production was 182GWh, up 46.1% year on year, and photovoltaic module exports accounted for 68% of the total output. In 2022, with the price of upstream silicon wafers and rising electricity prices, the profit margins of photovoltaic operators are expected to recover, and China's new photovoltaic installed capacity is expected to resume rapid growth.


The PV industry with aluminium mainly for the module and installed with the bracket two parts, China's exports of photovoltaic modules only bezel with aluminium, new PV installed with aluminium volume includes modules and bracket two parts.


According to the data of the International Renewable Energy Agency, the amount of aluminium used for PV frame is about 13,000 tons / GWh, the amount of aluminium used for PV installed bracket is about 0.6 million tons / GWh, and the amount of aluminium used for PV industry is expected to be 3.14 million tons in 2022, an increase of about 420,000 tons.