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03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

China’s alumina spot price grows W-o-W by RMB5/t on strict cross-province transportation

According to the Shanghai Metals Market, the average alumina spot price in China has recorded an increase of RMB 3 per tonne to stand at RMB 2,997 per tonne on Monday, April 18, following three days of restraint at RMB 2,994 per tonne.

On a week-on-week calculation, the alumina spot price is up by RMB 5 per tonne from RMB 2,992 per tonne.  

However, most of the provinces have continued to witness a restraint in the alumina price today, except Henan, where the price has grown by RMB 10 per tonne to RMB 3,035 per tonne. The reason being the aluminium smelters in north-west China have begun to seek alumina from Henan, as provinces like Shanxi are experiencing shipment disruptions due to strong measures taken for cross-province transportation of raw materials as well as finished products to contain the new wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

A00 aluminium ingot price has also opened the week on Monday, April 18, with an increase of RMB 70 per tonne to RMB 21,800 per tonne, found the Shanghai Metals Market. The average prices are expected to range between RMB 21,780 per tonne and RMB 21,820 per tonne, with spot contract to be traded at a premium price of RMB 60-20 per tonne.

In Chongqing, primary aluminium ingot price has soared by RMB 300 per tonne to RMB 21,800 per tonne, followed by the surg of RMB 290 per tonne in Tianjin to stand at RMB 21,750 per tonne. In Hangzhou and Wuxi, A00 aluminium ingot price has increased by RMB 80 per tonne and RMB 75 per tonne to RMB 21,920 per tonne and RMB 21,800 per tonne, while the price in Foshan and Shenyang has grown by RMB 60 per tonne to RMB 22,554 per tonne and RMB 21,800 per tonne, respectively.

Aluminium alloy (A356) price has hiked by RMB 100 per tonne to RMB 23,050 per tonne on April 18, with average prices likely to range between RMB 22,900 per tonne and RMB 23,200 per tonne.