05-07 July 2023
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Market Research inspires the cosmetic industry to shift towards sustainable aluminium packaging solutions

The urge to use sustainable products is systemically increasing in the consumers and according to a 2017 survey initiated by Harris Poll, 69% of women between the age group 35 to 53 opted for green beauty products when asked to choose.

From production to packaging of ingredients, companies are looking for ways to achieve the consumer demand and when it comes to packaging, the future of sustainability depends on two main practices: innovative use of mono-materials and the creation of a closed-loop applying recyclable packaging solutions.

A material similar in characteristics to everything stated above is aluminium which has the widest recycling chain today. Though aluminium is extremely durable, it can be infinitely recycled keeping the inherent properties intact. The recycling of this non-ferrous metal requires 90% less energy if compared with the usage in extracting alumina from bauxite ore.

Aluminium packaging is going to revolutionize everything that the cosmetic industry is all about, from the earliest discoveries that used to cause dermatological harm after prolonged application to incorporating everything natural.

Once upon a time, being conscious about one’s health was only a trend followed by the privileged but now each person to live well is searching for eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment as well as take good care of their health.

Moreover, a 2021 Global Sustainability Study deciphered that on a worldwide scale, 85 % of people were evolving towards sustainable living through their purchase behaviour during the past five years, with one-third of them ready to pay a premium price for the same.

Meiyume, an end-to-end solution provider in the beauty industry, acknowledges the importance of inventing products that are morally suitable for both the customer and the environment. Just a few days back, Meiyume gave full turnkey support to an ideologically similar cannabinoid company, NeXtraction which has introduced its first care range, Kriva.

Meiyume’s flagship, Infinite Aluminium range bottles are in which the product made its debut so that the insides remain protected from the harmful UV lights, unwanted moisture and oxygen permeation in turn expanding the product's longevity.

Consumers are getting more accustomed to research about products before they buy and nominal things of the past like sustainability have become a very important issue now. Companies are keen on adapting tools such as L’Oreal and Quantis’ SPICE to uplift themselves in the packaging sector for coping with the environmental standards in the next decade.

Source: AlCircle