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03-05 July 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Global electrolytic aluminium production capacity faces slow growth in the context of carbon neutrality

Except for Asia and the Middle East, global electrolytic aluminium production is shrinking. According to IAI data, the regions with the fastest growth in global electrolytic aluminium production since 2000 are China, the Middle East and other regions in Asia. Regions with high traditional electrolytic aluminium production, such as North America and Europe, are showing a shrinking trend. According to the overseas newly increased electrolytic aluminium production capacity statistics from Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network, the new supply of electrolytic aluminium in the future will mainly come from Indonesia, Iran, Russia and other countries, with fewer incremental projects. The total new production capacity between 2022 and 2025 is expected to be 2.217 million tons, accounting for only about 6% of the current total overseas electrolytic aluminium production capacity, indicating that the growth of overseas electrolytic aluminium production capacity is very limited. For more industry insights and development trends, join us at Aluminium China 2022 during July 6-8 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.