05-07 July 2023
Shanghai New International Expo Center

Ford associates with ‘First Movers Coalition’ to promote zero-carbon technologies

The American automobile megacorporation, Ford Motor Company has joined hands with First Movers Coalition, a worldwide initiative to yield buyable power and create supply chains to initiate early markets for ingenious clean energy innovations, like green aluminium.

The company is responsible for producing the maximum amount of vehicles in the US, and also it employs more hour-based workers in the country than any other vehicle maker.

 Throughout 2030, Ford has proposed to purchase at least 10% near-zero carbon steel and aluminium to achieve carbon-neutrality across all of its automation and supply chains by 2050.

Meanwhile, the interim science-based targets are to be achieved by 2035.

At the company’s Dearborn Stamping, Kentucky Truck and Buffalo Stamping facilities, Ford already recycles up to 20 million pounds of aluminium each month. Also, according to the Aluminium Association, the production of recycled aluminium only takes about 5% of the power required to make new aluminium.

The First Movers Coalition, being inspired by the World Economic Forum and the US Government, has targeted sectors like aluminium, aviation, chemicals, concrete, shipping, steel and trucking. These mentioned items are the reason for 30% of global emissions that are supposed to rise by 50% if the population doesn’t desperately move towards clean technology initiatives. The World Economic Forum claims that aluminium is the cause of 2% of global emissions.

During the 26th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Ford took RouteZero on board to sell new carbon-free cars and vans internationally by 2040 and in leading markets by 2035. 

If estimated, fifty companies or more, from five different continents, with a collective market value of US$ 8.5 trillion, have now created a coalition to aid the commercialization of net-zero technologies.

Source: AlCircle